Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Merry Christmas, USA

About 5 years ago, the holidays were approaching, and I began to write. December is always a reflective period for me. The non-stop hustle through spring and summer begins to ease back, as we bundle up and slow down, embracing the arrival of winter.

I do a lot of writing during this time to friends and family, as well as to myself. It is when I begin drafting objectives for the upcoming new year.

During one particular year, I began reflecting on all things for which I am thankful. This lead to thoughts on how I am such a blessed individual. And then, as it always should, the most important question arose - the "why."

Why is this so?

It is in thanks to where I am from, who I am surrounded by and the overall spirit of the people from my country. It is the ways we choose to express ourselves through art, entertainment, sport and enterprise. It is our traditions, our food, our dress and demeanor, and the way we greet one another. It is all the things that make being an American so special. Not better than other places - just beautiful, unique and original all its own.

I immediately began thinking of our armed forces and the sacrifices they continue to make so the nation as we know it can remain intact.

"Merry Christmas, USA" was soon born.

I love so many different genres and kinds of music, but I have a special place in my heart for hopeful, optimistic and encouraging music, and I wanted those emotions felt through this song. 
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I did my best to capture some of the scenarios that might arise when our troops would return to their families at this time of year.
"Soldiers coming home for the holidays ahead. For some this is the first time they will tuck their kids in bed..."

I implored listeners to dig deeper and give more during this time of year and beyond.
"I'm proud to see we take time to give back to those in need. If only we could make this an every day routine..."

I asked that we make time to pay respects to the past, and that we ensure we remain present with the loved ones that do surround us.
“Remember those that are gone. Embrace the ones who’ve made it home…”

To close, I tried to capture a common American household scene during this holiday.
"When the day is done and everyone joins round the Christmas tree. And people join in hands to share their New Year hopes and dreams..."

Christmas is an important and special time for so many of us, and while, as a country, we might have developed some materialistic traditions around the holiday, I still love the way we celebrate it.  I wanted to capture that in what I can only hope becomes a great American Christmas song.

I like to imagine having the opportunity to sing this in front of a large, 100+ person orchestra at the white house or at a grand holiday gala for the troops with people tuning in from across the country -- maybe even around the world. 

Music continues to be the greatest way to unite people. Periodically, we must use it as an avenue to come together, to set aside our differences and remember that while our strategies to keep this country strong may differ greatly, our aspirations largely remain the same - that it continue to prosper and flourish.

Cheers to you and yours through the upcoming holidays.

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