Thursday, December 17, 2015


Note: I have done my best to be politically correct in this post. If I have fallen short, please forgive me. I had the best of intentions.

The moment I arrived, I developed an impediment that continues to challenge in intriguing, often frustrating ways.

I have lost my voice.

Mind you, I am not ill. I simply do not speak the language of the people that surround me.

For some, it may not be much of an ordeal, but for me it is everything. We all have a passion, whether we are aware of it or not, and people are mine. Communicating and interacting with them is what I do. It is what I long for most.

Imagine Picasso’s world if you removed his paint brush, or Beethoven if you took away his piano.

In using these examples, I am not comparing our levels of mastery over our respective passions, but the gravity of how our worlds are affected when the tool we utilize to pursue our passions is limited, even removed.

Surrounded by people, yet they remain out of reach.

The city I live in is not a Madrid, Paris or Hong Kong type, with so much traffic from around the world passing through on a daily basis that finding a speaker of your native tongue (particularly English) is commonplace. Albacete - wonderful and hip in so many ways - is not that type of city.

According to those I have met, it is Spain how the majority of Spaniards live it. Like a foreigner coming to the US and experiencing a mid-sized city --- not all of the United States is a Los Angeles or New York type, as some might believe.

(See upcoming post, “Albacete,” to learn more about this place.)

My world is startlingly different over here, but I am doing my best to take motivation from the trying situation, studying videocasts and listening to podcasts to become more versed in the Spanish language. My rolled "R’s" remain horrendous, and, I am sure, immensely comical to those I pass during my runs. Nevertheless, I am making strides. (Poco a poco -- little by little!)

Best wishes from Spain - we have almost earned our weekend!

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  1. Keep at it brother man! As frustrating as it is now, once you get to a level that allows you to connect the way you desire. The would will be opened up to twice as many beautiful human beings that you can connect with. All the love and laughter for you my friend.

    1. It means the world that you are following along, and commenting, my good man. Thank you for the encouragement. Means more than you realize! Kiss your Mrs. Lewis for me.