Sunday, November 29, 2015

Departing for Spain

“Take your life into your own hands...”
The above line is an excerpt from a larger statement I wrote to myself ~2 months ago.  It was late one night, during a solo camping excursion I had taken to Yellowstone National Park.  
Two weeks prior, I had been working for a healthcare organization I loved, with people I respected, providing a service I believed in.  Life was grand and exciting, albeit scheduled and straightforward. Then, the executive leadership team restructured the operations department, and my position was eliminated.  Like it or not, change was underway.  
For the first time in quite awhile, my life was no longer on a scheduled trajectory - I was, in a very real sense --- free. Wonderful, right?  How intoxicating the excitement of what, when and where I would -- no -- COULD go next? If there was any grandeur - and there was none that I can recall - it faded immediately.  There were bills to be paid.  A growing hole in my work experience.  A (I believe, false) belief that things could somehow be different than they were.  A concern over introducing this news to others.  Etc. I quickly began organizing my professional materials to pursue my next corporate gig, believing that was the only next logical step.
As I  hiked through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, met travelers from around the world and reflected on who I am and what is important to me, the idea of diving back into a corporate gig seemed, at least for now, outside of my calling.
So, I let the pursuit go.

Here is the complete statement I wrote to myself that night:

“Take your life into your own hands.  You have the resilience, strategy, organization and wherewithal to achieve what you desire.”
While it is not my most well-crafted statement (I blame the Jameson), reading the words the following morning left me inspired and encouraged.  I felt alive in new and exciting ways. Asserting this to myself, which remains common practice, was and continues to be immensely helpful as I study, tackle new projects and strive for what it is that I desire most, despite the insecurities and various challenges that present along the way.

Now, what am I striving for?  What do I desire?  You will have to forgive my loose objectives - defining them is a daily struggle.

Short version:  I want impact.

Long version:   I want to make things.  I want to seek out like-valued individuals who are leaders in the healthcare, IT, entertainment and artistic spaces who are committed to working endlessly to make quality products, brilliant works, memorable performances, impactful services and improve the overall space we will continue to share together.  I know many of them already and want to find more of them. I want to unite them on teams.  I want to share what I am able to do and work in collaboration with others that possess gifts, skills and insights outside of my own - the hope being that together we can create something special. I want to affirm my belief that we are placed on this planet to strive for grand objectives and high ideals - handed down to us from our chosen spiritual leaders or created in our very own hearts and minds - however muddled they may become during our pursuits.  
Change, for all of us, is strenuous - often overwhelmingly so.  Learning not just to cope with it, but to thrive in it, is what I seek now.  

I will be spending the next 6 months in Spain, learning, exploring and growing with a wonderful family.  My efforts will be spent in a variety of areas, but focused mostly on learning Spanish, a book to be released next summer (currently titled, “The 5 Investments”), new music for an upcoming album release and future traveling videocast, stretching my physical body, and driving my relationships deeper with family, friends, new people I meet and the likes of all of you.  And, of course, some surprises along the way… : )

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” -Allen Saunders

These are today’s objectives, and I will strive to achieve them.  I have developed a schedule for myself, in order to hold myself accountable and measure progress - you will pick up on the timeline, should you choose to ride along.  However, as the quote so charmingly asserts - there are larger forces at work, and we are best suited to thrive and flourish, if we remain agile and flexible to the changing circumstances.  I intend to remain just those things.

Would love to hear from any and all of you always.

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