Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Hope for my Niece

Dearest Elly Rose,

When you are much older, I hope you meet and commit to someone whose values, dreams and ambitions captivate and inspire you.

I hope your lover embodies strength and tenderness, and they are wise to know which characteristic to call upon for a given situation - sometimes both.

When you find them, focus on building confidence in one another and share all aspects of your personhood.  This level of transparency will be difficult, but the returns could not be more rewarding.  Sharing the various challenges and pangs suffered through in earlier days provides springboards to strengthen your level of trust, and elevate your relationship.  Let each other in.

Spend your time stretching the unique talents and insights that each of you bring to the relationship. 

While I hope the physical attraction is intense, I believe it most important to fall in love with someone's spirit, charms and grace. 

Additionally, I hope your relationship is filled with affection, laughter, romance and intimacy, and I hope you routinely celebrate the small things together.

A commitment to these practices will permit you to reach heights together unattainable by any other methods or means.

While this planet does not objectively owe anyone anything, in my eyes, you deserve the world.  Trust that your ever-growing group of friends and family will do all they can to ensure it lands safely in your lap.

All my love to you, chick.

Alex (Hunkle)
Elly Rose & me

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