Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Importance of Pace

I am currently preparing for my second triathlon, which is coming up on July 12th.  The triathlon has become a great activity for me, physically, mentally and emotionally.  While I will be far from impressing anyone with my time, I am excited for the event.  Preparing for this has taught me to slow down, and think long term.

During today's morning run, I began contemplating pace and its relevance to not only physical activities, but all projects and pursuits.  While being able to think fast and move quickly is a great skill, it does not secure long term success.  Long term success arises occasionally from luck, but mostly from deliberate, methodical thinking and planning.  Additionally, the quick mentality is not always the best strategy to apply to other pursuits.  You must give yourself time to adjust to new careers, new places, relationships and hobbies.  Transitioning into these new roles and areas is not easy.  A proper pace and consistent rhythm though will have a huge influence on whether or not you meet the goals you set out for yourself whenever you first dreamed up the new pursuit.

Taking some time to reflect on your current pace in the workplace, your relationships and your personal activities is a great exercise.

Do not try to change yourself or the world today.  Take some initial steps.  Write up a plan for tomorrow, next week and thereafter.  Make adjustments as you progress.

Myself and others will cheer you on.

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