Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lovers Past

Throughout my life, I have had the great fortune of knowing a handful of women quite intimately.  We loved one another fiercely for a time, and although they are no longer at my side, my heart rages on for them with varying degrees of intensity and frequency. I have yet to have a relationship materialize with any of them following our final goodbyes.  However, I remain hopeful that something will eventually develop, at a time suitable for both our wants and needs.
I miss creating moments with them.  Where we once dreamed, laughed, pleasured and pained, we can now only reflect.  Time, space, uncertainty and fear have displaced us.  New passions have undoubtedly arose for all of us and for that I am grateful.  Still, I yearn for one last smile, one last kiss, one last affectionate embrace and one last hopeful, shared dream of a future where we reside together, tackling the world hand in hand, our hearts beating in unison.
Until next time, be that in this life or the next, I wish them well.
"I have come to speak of love
of its valleys and its hills
its tremors, chills and thrills
I have come to say I love love
and I love loving love
and I, surely, love
the brave and sturdy hearts
who dare to love..." -Maya Angelou

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