Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Right Thinking

     Like many of my fellow human beings, I can be a tragically poor thinker a lot of the time.  By that, I mean I lose sight of the grand picture unfolding before my eyes, and become petty, seeing daily living as a monotonous experience.  
     Fortunately, people and various other events (a thoughtful read, a new favorite song, an unexpected smile from a stranger, a trip, etc.) are able to snap me out of these episodes and I return to my glorious, front row center seat to this beautiful life.  I call it right thinking.
     When I employ right thinking, the totality of life becomes a space of endless opportunity.
Here’s what I mean:
    When I finish up with my family here at their home each evening, I have a ~10min trek by bicycle or a ~20min walk to my home.  Sometimes this period is a hindrance, an obstacle to overcome as quickly as possible -- colder nights are especially grudging experiences.  On other nights though, when I apply right thinking, this time is much better utilized:
    --I explore my mind and my heart to see how I feel about difficult topics or situations I have experienced or been witness to.  
    --I take basic song, essay or business ideas and play with them.
    --I study Spanish with a podcast.
    --I throw daggers at some new dream or idea I have been entertaining to see how it holds up and if it remains worth pursuing.
    --I listen to music and study lyrics for a new piece I am adding to my repertoire.
    --I reflect on the many people I cherish in life, both near and far, and express my hopes and compassion for them and their lives. 
    In short, obstacles -- in this case, evening commutes -- become opportunities.  
    The thing about right thinking is that it is seemingly always available to me, if only I will adjust my perspective, my approach to the avenues in which life is actually organized, as opposed to desiring, even forcing my own agendas upon it.  
    Employing right thinking as daily practice is never an easy task, but the warmer weather that is settling in certainly helps.

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  1. I like your "right thinking" mindset. We could all use a lot more of that in our lives. Much love to you, Brother Alex!