Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Endless Support - A "Thank You"

I am forever humbled by the willingness of others to help me.

Last night, I received a tremendous invitation from a good friend of mine, Rob Downen.  He has earned some opportunities for his outstanding work in journalism and will be living in some different places throughout the United States over the next couple of years.

The invitation was eloquently written, but in short it read:
“I do not know what you are planning for yourself post-Spain, but if you wish to explore and work in another part of the country, you are more than welcome to come with me.  Do not let financial limitations hold you up -- we will make it work.  Additionally, my network will be expanding in the social/musical scenes and we will work together to navigate those channels…” 

Here’s the thing though:
This is not the only person who has introduced such an offering.

-Two of my dearest newlywed friends, Cori and Jacob Lewis, threatened me if I chose not to stay with them during my time back home.
-Three of my closest buddies that have (or will soon have) their own places throughout St Louis -- Dan Blair, Rob Curtis and Kyle Williams -- have all made similar offers.
-My buddies, Daniel LeMay and Paul Hart, living and thriving in Nashville, Tennessee, have introduced opportunities and expressed willingness to contribute to some musical projects.  
-My family, friends and students here in Spain continue to create and/or seek out opportunities for me, both professionally and creatively, and with regard to living conditions.

All of this is beyond the open homes I have available to me with my parents, Eric and Nan, and my brother and sister, Stuart and Kelly.

Furthermore, none of this touches on the individuals who contribute to my professional and creative endeavors -- my family/friends, John Jacobsen, Juan Dahmen, past and present bandmates, etc.  Others who answer my endless stream of questions via FaceBook Messenger and email about a range of topics.  And furthermore, the many others who take the time to listen to, watch and/or read the things that I make.

I do my best to treat people well -- rarely am I able to offer much more.  Yet somehow, I have managed to accumulate a most incredible network of support.  

I have dreams for what the next 6, 12, 18 months look like, but nothing finalized just yet.

As I said in my post, “Departing for Spain:”
“[We] are best suited to thrive and flourish, if we remain agile and flexible to the changing circumstances.  I intend to remain just those things.”

That remains true today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those of you that continue to reach out and help however you can, and to all those who have previously given me a leg up throughout my life.  I have not forgotten it.

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