Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Staying Connected

I wish to continue to travel and work/write creatively.  One of my personal goals for this trip is content development across a number of different mediums. Music, letters/essays and a book are my current top priorities.

In order to continue working creatively, I have to establish an income across these mediums, or outside of them.  I am still working on this area presently, and always interested in learning of new opportunities.  Do not hesitate to reach out. 

Here is my contact information, as well as my social media accounts.  For each, I have indicated how and to whom I communicate, and/or what I intend to share.  Feel free to join along on any or all of them.

Hope this is helpful!

Personal Email:
--General communication - friends, family, professional associates, etc.

Booking Email:
--Booking - music for corporate events, weddings, private parties, etc.

--This houses all of my information, and can connect you to my various projects. 

--Essays, Letters and Reflections

Facebook (personal): AlexanderRuwe
--Harassing friends from afar

Facebook (music): AlexanderRuweMusic
--Music, Video and Live Performance releases 

Instagram: AlexanderRuwe
--Photos from afar

Skype: Alexander.Ruwe
--Staying close with friends/family back home

Twitter: AlexanderRuwe
--Articles on Business, Leadership, Arts and Music

--Video and Live Performance releases

Upcoming posts:

"Future Wife"

"An Open Letter to a Dear Friend #2"

"La Familia"

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