Wednesday, December 9, 2015

An Open Letter to a Dear Friend #1


We became friends during a fraternity recruitment event, remaining on the front porch long after the event had ended.  We talked friendship, the college experience and music, and somehow both left the conversation knowing we had just found a lifetime friend.  What we did not know was that, ~5 years later, we would work and live alongside one another, as we ventured into the professional world.  

The 2+ years spent together were some of the most memorable of my life. We founded and hosted multiple parties, creating memories for our still growing group of friends. We played unforgivable amounts of Mario Kart and drank far too many bottles of scotch. We cooked delicious things and smashed takeout. You initially worked as a doorman for a bar in downtown St Louis, and I would offer you cash to skip work and hang out - you remained responsible. We grew into the beginnings of our professional careers, traveled, camped and jammed, and we laughed endlessly.

~3 months ago, an unexpected career change unfolded in my life.  A series of trips filled with new experiences, musings and conversations transpired thereafter, and some new personal pursuits were born.  High level I knew what I wanted to do, but how to accomplish it remained unclear.

The latest pursuit - moving out of the country - would affect a lot of friends and family, but it would affect you most of all.  Outside of a brother moving ~5,000 miles away, we would have to end our lease, and you would have to find a new place to call home.

Since we first became friends, you have listened to each and every one of my dreams - some of them quite radical in nature.  You have guided and thoughtfully challenged them, always developing and improving them, both in creativity and in strength  - your investment in most of them analogous to my own.

While I could not possibly create an ordered list of who I will miss the most during my time away, know that you reign near the top of that order.  Thank you for all that you continue to do - your unwavering support is second to none.  

I should hope for everyone to find a friend like the one that I have in you.  It is from the support of those that surround us that some of our greatest feats can be realized.  

To all, 
Consider the following:
-Be a believer in those that you love.  
-Strengthen their pursuits by investing your knowledge, insights and resources.  
-See them through their projects by providing ongoing support.  

With endless respect and gratitude,

$.50 Philosophy

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