Wednesday, December 23, 2015

An Open Letter to a Dear Friend #3


Every story has an unsung hero - a character in the background that, while quiet and maybe rarely seen, leaves immeasurable impact on the developing plot line. It is likely them that make the difference in a story, movie or performance going from good to unforgettable, from beautiful to enthralling, from touching one person’s heart to capturing an audience. 
You continue to infuse our projects with every ounce of creativity and expertise you possess, improving upon them in sometimes subtle, sometimes monumental, but always stunning ways.

You are an incredibly patient human being, always allowing for the time, space and breath necessary for projects to reach their potential. 

You are exceptionally thorough, creating and then capturing details that few others would consider - a rare character trait these days, and such an important one. 

Your work ethic is out of control -- borderline nuts.

And on top of it all, you are respectful, professional and always stick to your agreements, no matter the circumstance - qualities I admire and seek out in potential partnerships.  

You are an artist, craftsman and gentleman. Working creatively alongside you has been vastly rewarding, fun and eye-opening - I continue to learn much from you.

I am honored to collaborate with you creatively, and grateful to call you a friend. I am proud of the work we have created to date, and of our committed ambitions to capture the world through voice, lyric and video. 

So many would benefit from having your heart, motivation and focused camera lens on their projects - thank you for choosing to create alongside me. I have high hopes that we continue to create things together for the remainder of our lives. 

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